True or False?

A relaxed, non-contact game for junior youth and small groups

How To Play True or False?

Materials Needed

Paper, quiz questions, true and false signs, two game leaders

A great way to reinforce what has just been taught...

Instead of the traditional pop-quiz to see how much the kids of retained from the bible talk, try something a bit different...

Give the kids paper and instruct them to make a collection of scrunched up paper balls. Have two leaders stand out the front, one with a true sign, one with a false.

Ask a series of true/false questions, if the kids think it's true, they ditch a paper ball at the true sign, and false if they think it's false.

While this can be quite messy and no doubt more paper balls will hit the leaders than the signs, if you get two leaders who are good sports, this can be a light hearted way to review what has been learnt.

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on 14 February 2008

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