A relaxed no prep game for junior youth

How To Play Trains

Materials Needed


Everybody sits in a circle holding hands, you nominate 2 people to be 'stations' and 1 person to sit in the middle.

A 'station' starts a squeeze going around the circle by squeezing one persons hand on either side of them and that person passes it on etc. The squeeze gets passed around the circle and is the 'train'.

Every time a squeeze passes a station the station has to shout "toot toot". Also stations can change the direction of the squeeze when it reaches them.

The aim of the game is that the person in the middle has to guess where the squeeze is by pointing to the person who has it. If they guess correctly they then change places with the person they pointed to and that person becomes the new guesser.

You can change the number of stations in the game, depending on how many people are playing. Also for added fun, once the game starts to get boring, quietly increase the number of 'trains' to add confusion.

This game is great fun even with older kids and it is so simple.

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on 9 September 2008

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