Tongue Twister Slip Up

A food duel memory game

How To Play Tongue Twister Slip Up

Materials Needed

a plate of whipped cream.

Take 5-6 volunteer. Ask them to say a tongue twister or something that can be difficult to say.

ie. "Sally sells sea shells by the sea shore"

They must say this five times in a row. They have two chances. If they slip up - they get get pied in the face with the plate of whipped cream!

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on 15 November 2011


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Posted by Tiffany 6 years ago

I'm thinking about doing this, but making it a competition between a counselor and camper, as an "upfront" game.
Whoever messes up first gets pied by the other.

Posted by Camp Queen 9 years ago

this waz to easy

Posted by 10 years ago
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