Toilet Paper Tell Me

A relaxed, icebreaker, circle game for small groups

How To Play Toilet Paper Tell Me

Materials Needed

toilet paper

This is a silly get to know you game which is great for small groups.

Explain to the kids that they need to grab as much toilet paper as they think they would use when they go to the toilet. Let them pass the roll around the group - they'll likely be some laughing as each person takes their pieces.

Once all the kids have their toilet paper, you can move onto the next phase of the game. Let them know that for every piece of toilet paper they have, they'll need to share an interesting fact about themselves with the group. Kids who've taken lots of toilet paper will need to be creative with the facts that they share.

You may want to be prepared with some helpful hints for topics they can share on. Facts about their family, likes, dislikes, favourite foods or movies or music etc. Be creative!

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on 25 June 2020

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