An icebreaker circle game

How To Play to-yo-ta

Materials Needed

No materials needed

Let everyone stand in a circle facing inwards. one person should start by saying the first phrase "TO" (like TOYOTA) when saying this they must indicate to a person next to them with their arms. (shape of arm must be in a form of cradling a baby but with only the left or right hand showing in the direction of the person standing either side of them) this rule applies to both "TO" and "YO". when you come to "TA" you must stretch your arms forward (like taking a dive with hands together) to a person standing across from you. Example: person A is in the middle of person B and C, when shouting "TO" and "YO" person A can indicate to either person B or C (Note: the arm that is indicating must be the furthest arm, if the person is on your right you must use your left arm to indicate) when the person has said "TO" and indicated then that person has to continue with the word "YO" and indicate to someone else, then the person that has to yell "TA" must then indicate as mentioned (Note: they are not allowed to show next to them but only across them, Continuing the cycle of the word the whole time. when playing the game one must always shout the word in the style of a ninja!! it can either be SU-ZU-KI what ever comes to mind.

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