The Yes No Game

A relaxed duel drama game for junior youth

How To Play The Yes No Game

Materials Needed

Slips of paper 5 to each person

It's a great game to play while going on a walk or playing another game or to play on camp through dinner.

Everyone get 5 slips of paper they ask people questions and try and get them to say yes/no they can't nod or shake there heads either.

As soon as they say yes/no then they MUST give a slip of paper to the person who asked them the questions.

On camp we were in 3 groups but it can be all for one.

The people with the most slips, we put things like clean up your cabin, clean up the site, and really funny things in envelopes. So as they chose an envelope at random they thought they got some spectacular prize just to find clean up the campsite it is really fun.

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on 18 September 2009


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Chores probably aren't the best "prize" for this game. I would have it so that the person with the most cards would have to get up for a spotlight or charade or something of the sort.
Thanks Grace.

Posted by Little 10 years ago

I keep a note on my phone of YG games, and my summary of this one (for those unable to 'get' the one above):

Everyone has 5 pegs (I agree, this would be better). Ask eachother questions, and if you get an answer of yes or no you get one of their pegs. Person with most pegs wins. Easy!

Posted by Emma 11 years ago

Sounds like a cool game, somebody should come up with a 2 player version!
And anyways people, who really cares about grammar on the internet unless it's something like:

So yea the game b fun n stuf do it cuz its kool


Posted by Caitlyn L. 11 years ago

Some rules that worked well:
*You must answer every question
*Questions must be appropriate
*After asking a question, move to another person (to keep the mix going).

Posted by Camp Queen 11 years ago

I can't understand how this game works too :/

Posted by Zoot 12 years ago

This is better to play with pegs! Peg it onto your clothes

Posted by Louise 12 years ago

Hi, friends. Lets play nice. We are leaders. That means we are being examples for young adults. We all love God. Try to act like Him. Thank you!!! :)

Posted by Brittany 12 years ago

Is anyone proof reading these? There are so many misspelled words in every one of these games that I read it is funny.

Posted by karen 12 years ago

thanks Grace

Posted by Kris 12 years ago

You guys are Christian youth leaders?

Posted by Suzanne 13 years ago

yeah, you're right Alex. I like the game Grace, thanks.

Posted by jubilee 14 years ago

Hey Grace, I thought it was very clear. Josh, if you're going to be a 'grammar Nazi' then you should note that the verb 'seem' takes an object (like 'it' for example). --> "It seems like a great game..." Also, paragraphs need at least 2, preferably 3 sentences (unlike your 1 sentence paragraphs). And finally, I think you have what is referred to as 'genre confusion'. This genre is something like 'youth group game description', not 'formal English essay'. Thanks Grace.

Posted by Alex 14 years ago

I really hope that you would take some time and clean up your grammar and train of thought.

Use paragraphs and separate the game instructions. Perhaps a little more explanation would be fitting as well.

Seems like a great game, just poorly explained. Thanks Grace.

Posted by Josh Tanner 14 years ago
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