The Weetbix Challenge

A food duel game

How To Play The Weetbix Challenge

Materials Needed

Weetbix, milk

Set up 4 glasses of milk in a row (on a bench or something) and have ready a few boxes of weetbix.

Set a time limit and get 4 contestants to see how many weetbix they can eat in that time limit. They are only allowed the single glass of milk. Whoever eats the most wins!

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on 25 January 2008


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What is a weetbix? And I guess this explains all the unsanitary games here

Posted by Jennifer 6 years ago

You can also do this as a rely! Have a bowl of about 8 weetbix at one end of the room and teams lined up at the other. Players run down, eat a weetbix and swap with the next person. first team with an empty bowl wins. Justt need someone checking to make sure they have eaten it fully before they run back :)

Posted by Courtney 11 years ago

You can also play this with just one weetbix and see who finishes first - no milk allowed

Posted by Eilish 13 years ago

we've played this before and it's so funny! the kids love it! watching their faces while they eat the dry biscuits is priceless.

Posted by anna 13 years ago

Try this without milk...weetbix is way harder to eat and swallow :)

Posted by Chantelle 14 years ago


Posted by anon 14 years ago
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