The Picture Project

A team-building camp artistic game

How To Play The Picture Project

Materials Needed

one smartphone with slo-mo video capabilities per team
props (optional)

1: break up the group into teams of 3-5 (make sure team captain has a smart phone)

2: each team captain will be given the list of objectives(listed below) and the team will have to complete the tasks they choose. They can either focus on the tasks worth the most points, or do the easiest ones first. Each team can choose their own strategy. You can use the given list or make your own!

3: set a time limit and boundaries, and let the teams go! (we set out various, random props for the students to use)

4: when the time is up, and all the teams are back to the starting point, tally the points based on what objectives that team completed. The team with the most points wins! When we played, we set aside time for a 'show and tell' so the students could show each other their hilarious selfies and videos!

Here are the objectives we used. You could change your riddles to fit your youth group or church.

Inadvertent Selfies: selfies in which some crazy event is happening in the background (20 pts each):
- I tripped selfie (in 3 selfies)
- Alien Invasion (in 3-5 selfies)
- Robbery selfie (3-5 selfies)
- Animal Attack (3-5 selfies)
- Hilarious Ignorance selfie (3-5 selfies)
- Zombie Takeover selfie (3-5 selfies)

Picture Riddles: teams will have to figure out the riddle, and take a selfie at the place the riddle said (worth 15 pts each)
-"Riding so long, lets sing a song! To get to camp, you can't go wrong!" (This is an example of a riddle we used. It pointed to our youth group van. We had 8 riddles. These will have to be unique to your church or camp)

Slow It Down: slo-mo video (10 pts each)
-Group shot (just whatever the group wants to do) (i.e. jumping, or running. . .)
-Mouthful of Laughter (have one team member laugh out a mouthful of food or water)
-Saggy Face Shake
-Slap Face (this could get dangerous!)
-Calm to Crazy Face (team changes their faces from calm to crazy in a matter of seconds)

Group Selfies: themed selfies in which the whole team must participate (10 pts each)
-Somebody Farted
-We're all Pop Stars
-We're all Boring
-My B.O. or your B.O.?
-We're all Crying
-Unashamed Nose Pickers

5-Pointers: group selfies (5 pts each)
-Selfie of everybody taking a selfie
-Selfie with a foot
-Selfie with a water fountain
-Selfie on the steps
-Selfie on the playground
-Selfie by a tree
-Selfie on a slide
-Do I have something in my teeth? selfie

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Riley Elliott
on 7 July 2016

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