The Little Couch

A relaxed icebreaker circle game

Also known as: One on the Couch, Hot Seat

How To Play The Little Couch

Materials Needed

Chairs to sit on

Four on the Couch is quite a fun game but it needs quite a few people to make it work.

A modification I have used recently for a smaller group (under 10 people) is to designate a single chair as the hot seat. The object is to get into that seat 3 times (say).

The rules are the same as the couch.
- Everybody writes down their name on individual pieces of paper.
- The names are randomly distributed.
- The person to the left of the hot seat calls a name.
- The person holding that name must move to the bottom and everyone else moves around.

The object is to move the hot seat person out of the hot seat so you can get into the hot seat. You don't want to stay there though since it is necessary to move into the hot seat 3 times to win.

A variation that helps mix it up a little after it has been going for a little while:

1. Half way through have everyone change names

2. Instead of the first name called moving to the bottom, the person called gets to call someone else and that person goes to the bottom.


Added by
Andrew Rogers
on 20 November 2010

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