The Can Can Race

An active mini-olympics food duel game

How To Play The Can Can Race

Materials Needed

3 or 4 cans of soft drink, tarps/garbage bags, chairs or obstacles.

Get 2-4 volunteers. Give each player a can of soft drink, and get them to line up along the starting area. Using only their head they need to push the can of soft drink along the ground, around a chair and back to the start. Once they get back to the start zone they need to open their drink and finish it as quick as they can. First player to have finished their drink wins. It is a good idea to use tarps, or garbage bags at the end because the soft drink will go everywhere after being rolled along the floor. It is a good idea to play with older youth as there is the risk of facial carpet burn if the kids get crazy.

Extra amusing if you give the winner a can of soft drink as the prize. They won't feel like soft drink after rushing to finish a full can.

Added by
Jim McIntyre
on 26 February 2014


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Oh bwahahaha! This made me Laugh!
Gonna have to definitely try out this one. Thanks!!!!!

Posted by Nadia 4 years ago

a nice idea might try it out :)

Posted by leo 5 years ago
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