The Bible Sells

A team-building, icebreaker, drama game for large groups

How To Play The Bible Sells

Materials Needed

Random objects to be used as products to be sold. Examples: Ironing board, coasters, doilies, ceramic figurines, toilet paper. The more unique the items, the more fun the game.

Split up your group into equal sized teams. Five players each team works best, but can be adjusted to fit the size of your youth group. Give each team a Bible story and a product to sell. Each team must come up with a commercial that tells the Bible story and advertizes their product at the same time.

This game gets kids to work together as a team, it reviews Bible stories, it allows kids to get creative, and it allows kids to get to know each other more through the ideas and personalities put into the commercial. This game went over really well with my group. It was awesome to see how much fun they had, and how creative they could get.


Know your Bible, Not everything is a necessity, Teamwork

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on 15 October 2012

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