That's a Bunch of Baloney

A food camp game for junior youth

How To Play That's a Bunch of Baloney

Materials Needed

1 big package of bologna (cheapest you can find)

Have 2 teams of 2 come up. The teams stand 10-15 feet away from each other. Hand all 4 players an equal amount of slices of Bologna.

On "Go" players will take turns "Frisbee" throwing a slice of bologna to their team mate who will try to catch it with their face, without using their hands. The game goes back and forth until every one is out of Bologna. The winning team is the team that has the most bologna on their faces.

The challenge and trick of course after the first couple of "catches" is for players to keep the Bologna on their face and continue to throw. It is hilarious to see people trying to peek out from underneath a slice of slimy gross Bologna trying to throw with any accuracy.


Sin-Missing the Mark, Falling Short of the Glory of God

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Dan Istvanik (JH Uth Guy)
on 10 April 2013
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