A relaxed, icebreaker, no prep game for junior youth

How To Play Teeth

Materials Needed

yourself and your teeth

Everyone sits in a circle. Each player chooses a fruit or vegetable. Player A says their fruit/veggie, then the player's fruit/vegie that they want to pass it on to... ie Player A says "Strawberry strawberry, broccoli broccoli" player B says "broccoli broccoli, carrot carrot"... and so on.

What makes this game interesting is that you can't show your teeth at any point (which you do by pulling your lips over your teeth). If you do happen to show your teeth and get caught by anyone, you alert the group by screaming "teeth teeth" and flapping your arms at the player like wings (making sure you don't show your teeth in the process!). Depending on how you want to play, you can do elimination or points lost when teeth are shown.

If this gets too easy, get them to grab their tongue or something else to make it harder.

Played with the right group of people, this is an absolutely hilarious game. By substituting vegies with names, this could become a good ice breaker too :D

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on 16 June 2008


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This was pretty pleasant. The people at my elderly home were really good at it, didn't show their teeth once....

Posted by Gabriel 1 year ago

rip this game, bc of covid

Posted by Josh 2 years ago

This seems like an okay game.

Posted by Abigail 4 years ago

I don’t know but do you just write the name of the fruit/veggie that you are and just pin it to your shirt?? We have quite a large group so don’t have that much fruit/veggies. Thanks!

Posted by Marilyn 4 years ago

We're having a holiday party and I plan to use this for adults. Any suggestions for words? I even thought of creating a brief letter or poem and have them read it SHOWING or REVEALING NO TEETH or TONGUE.

Posted by Veruynca 4 years ago

I played this getting a class of Year 12s mixing in with a class of Year 8s. Huge success - lots of fun. Not too taxing and a fun game to break the ice.

Posted by Lyndel 6 years ago

what else can they do if they have no tongue.

Posted by anri sonohara 6 years ago

this is good and funnny :D

Posted by arcylen 7 years ago

used this in a job interview for youth work, got me the job!!

Posted by Hannah 8 years ago

We call it "Hovering Bunnies" and that's the phrase you have to say at the end of each turn, after the two names, and you have to stand up out of your seat, and flap your 'wings' as you say hovering bunnies.
For those who have never played: you may not yet understand the difficulty of laughing hysterically without showing your teeth!

Posted by Claire 9 years ago

We play something similar called "Pterodactyl" You must say "pterodactyl" to the next person in the circle to your left without showing your teeth. It goes around the circle clockwise until someone turns to the person who just said it to them and screams like a pterodactyl- that reverses the order to counter clockwise. if you show your teeth you're out. Our kids played this for 4 nights during VBS and never got tired of it!

Posted by Jill 10 years ago

Was checking for a good game for my team and I must say this is the best game and will enjoy

Posted by aubrey 11 years ago

hey gotta try this one in our friday night jam event later :))) but without tounges :P hehehehe by the way thanks for the game :)))

Posted by gloribieve 11 years ago

I've played this plenty of times, and I always win...until the tongue part. Cracked me up so hard! Have fun everyone!

Posted by Vince 11 years ago

As a junior/senior high school teacher, I realize that having teens "play with their tongues" is opening the door for inappropriate comments to arise during the game -- even it it's at a church function. It's unfortunate that this happens, but the most innocent statements or actions can turn into something that is inappropriate.

For those of you who are disciplining Shane (who posted his comment two years ago!), note that he has the right to stand up for what he feels is "appropriate" just as you do.

I hear stories from some of my students' youth group activities and they make me wonder. Have you noticed how society keeps accepting more and more behaviors that used to be taboo? What used to be considered "wrong" by society (and still by the Bible) are becoming more commonplace.

Sure, a game such as this is small in the scheme of life, but all of these things add up to build our character.

Anyway, thanks for the game idea. I plan on using it tomorrow (but without tongues).

Posted by Tom 12 years ago

@Shane, who are you to judge? If you dont like the game, dont play it but dont knock someone else if they choose to play it. These are ideas, we can change it up if we wanted to. And besides, as someone already mentioned, the young people will be holding their own tongues so in the future, read the instructions carefully before saying your comment. Thank you

Posted by Jo 12 years ago

Thanks for the game, I'm going to try it out with my youth group

Posted by nita 12 years ago

I personally am a youth member, && I'm in
Charge of games tomorrow night, & this seems like
A great idea. Our generation needs to be drawn in by something.
So if fun is what it takes to get them there at
First, then hear the word so be it.
Get off people's back, this is not inappropriate.

Posted by Amber 12 years ago

Awesome game gonna try it with friends during the bbq

Posted by 12 years ago

This is an absolutely hilarious game - super entertaining and super funny. Good bonding game, because EVERYONE looks and sounds ridiculous. My 6-week missions team played this in the van a couple of times on our long drives throughout Rwanda. Smash hit in my opinion!

Posted by Cayla 12 years ago

Some of you people need to get your mind out of the gutters and just have fun with these games! If you don't like them don't play them. Simple enough isnt it??? Are we Christians supposed to be so snippy with each other?

Posted by Joe 13 years ago

What's wrong with them grabbing their own tongue in a game? lol I don't get that one..they're teenagers..they should have fun and make memories..great game!

Posted by Cheridy 13 years ago

Haha, sounds hilarious.
@Shane - funny comment, you'd be amazed how ridiculous some youth pastors are!

Posted by Shannon 13 years ago

I think they are supposed to grab their OWN tongue when playing, not someone elses

Posted by Sarah 14 years ago

i think grabbing peoples toungues is inappropriate for upstanding christian studaent. Give no place to the devil.

BLAH HA HA HA I can't believe some of yall are actually youth pastors.

Posted by shane 14 years ago

thanks for the game

Posted by jhun 15 years ago

My students played a version of this game into the wee hours of the morning at our last retreat. A very goofy game and lots of fun.

Posted by Jill 15 years ago
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