Tea Towel Dragons

An active game for large groups

How To Play Tea Towel Dragons

Materials Needed

- Tags (1 per player)

1. Each player is to take a tag and hang it out of their pocket so it becomes like a tail (recommend tag needs to hang to the knee.) Once they have their tag they are to spread out.

2. Start the game and each player is to attempt to steal another player's tag. They cannot hold their own tag or use their arms to block players from taking their tags.

3. If their tag is stolen they link arms with the person who took the tag. They are now a chain dragon. A chain should only have one tag. The tag is with the person who got the tag and not the person who got tagged. Only the ends of the chain can steal tags.

As they go steal more tags, players join at the end of the player's chain (dragon). If a chain is tagged the entire chain joins on the end of the other chain.

4. Game finishes when time is up or everyone is part of one chain dragon.

Added by
Isaac Titterton
on 2 May 2023

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