Tangle (Royal Rangers Romania)

An active, team-building, duel game for small groups

How To Play Tangle (Royal Rangers Romania)

Materials Needed


Break the group into 2 teams of 3 players. The players of each team will be tied up together by their feet using a rope. There must be 2 poles on the field and each team will have a different pole as a starting position. One player from each team will have a lot of rope that will be tied to the pole. When the leader says START the game begins. The game will be played in rounds. Each team will have 20 seconds to complete the entire course. The teams will start in the same time at a round. In a round they must complete the course between the two poles dragging the rope with them and keeping it really tight. On the course they will move in the style of digit 8. They must always keep the rope real tight. If a team won't respect the rule, they will be disqualified. As the game goes on it will become more and more difficult because there will be more and more rope to avoid in the given time and the players are still bonded together. The first team that make's the other team to lose will win. A team will lose if they can't complete the course in the given time (20 seconds).

-this game wasn't created using human inspiration;
-before creating this game we made a little praise and worship time for this game to be inspired by the power of God => the credits goes to the Lord;
-Royal Rangers is an christian scout missionary work around the world;
-search it on google and you will find more;
-you should create an outpost too;


joy, fun

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Pop John and Daiana
on 29 January 2015

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