Swing The Cat

An active game for small groups

How To Play Swing The Cat

Materials Needed

A stuffed cat or other furry creature with a tennis ball in its head, that is attached to an old stocking

I have nooooo idea why, but our youth group loved this game.

Basically, it involves a designated person standing in the middle of the room, blindfolded. They are the swinger of the cat. We turned off the lights in the room and shut all the doors... make sure there's nothing breakable in the room!

The swinger in the middle uses a helicopter motion to tag the people who are all running around the room screaming their heads off...

Now, I really don't know why this game works as it is so simple and really just like chasey, but hey, they loved it!

Added by
Samara Beinke
on 23 September 2007


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HAHAHA!! This is so ridiculous it is genius! I can't wait to play this with my junior high students... They will love it sheerly because of it's name.

Posted by Jordan Gandara 7 years ago

BAHAHA i remember this!!
i recall cowering behind/under the tables....
oh the trauma!!! hahaha

Posted by Claire Phillips 15 years ago
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