Stuck in the Mud

An active camp no prep game for large groups

How To Play Stuck in the Mud

In stuck in the mud, one person is "it". when they touch someone, that person is "frozen" in place. The frozen person cannot move and must stand with their feet apart. The only way they can become unfrozen is if a person crawls under their legs. Play continues until all the players are frozen. Then the last person to be frozen is "it" for the next game.


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Nick van Ruth
on 22 September 2007
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Under the legs is awkward. The way I play it is IT can run around but if you get tagged your frozen and is no way to get unfrozen but if your frozen and can tag someone they too are frozen. Dose that make sense?

Posted by Leah 12 years ago

In America this is commonly known as Freeze tag

Posted by 12 years ago

Seen many varients of this game and its quick and easy to do... try this modification, instead of crawling thru legs the person freeign the trapped person has to touch them and recite the memory verse... increase difficulty with a longer verse... make it easier by just using the key message for todays lesson...

Posted by Shawn 14 years ago
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