Straws and Rubberbands

A team-building icebreaker game for small groups

How To Play Straws and Rubberbands

Materials Needed

A Pair of scissors , Straws and Rubberband

1) Each person gets a straw
2) The straw must be held using their mouth
3) They have to pass the rubberband around using the straw.
4) If the rubberband DROPS, the straw has to be CUT

1) Hands not allowed to hold the straws or rubberband!
2) Pass the rubberband before the time limit (time limit example: 10 seconds)
3) The band must not fall. If it does. the person's straw has to be cut. (cut around 1cm everytime the band drops.)
The last person with the longest straw wins.



Added by
Eleena Chong
on 11 April 2012


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Sure way to get a charge against you playing this game with students...

Posted by keith 4 years ago

So I like this game it sounds fun BUT it sounds more like a game to be played by teenagers at a slumber party or drink night unfortunately I feel like playing this game at work could cause HR to become involved or upset parents for a youth group only because the shorter the straw the closer your lips become to one another’s not trying to sound rediculous but unfortunately this is the type of world we’re living in where everything gets turned into something it’s not

Posted by Sarah 5 years ago

We have a group of around 40 kids. Is this played with one rubberband? I think many kids would quickly figure out to avoid it and they would never get their straw cut. So just stand around without another objective. Am I missing something?

Posted by Rob 5 years ago

May i know what are the objective of straw and rubber band game?

Posted by priyadashini 5 years ago

It is a very good game only thing is that the name of the games should be written as Pass The Rubber band

Posted by elizabeth carvalho 7 years ago

Great for any size group!

Posted by Lennie 10 years ago

any good title on this game???

Posted by 11 years ago

that is a great idea sounds fun!

Posted by 11 years ago


Posted by Leonard 11 years ago
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