Stare Down

A relaxed duel no prep game

How To Play Stare Down

Materials Needed

2 chairs

Start by having all of the kids remove one shoe and placing it in a pile in another room. Then place two chairs facing each other in the middle of the meeting room.

Then have an assistant randomly draw two shoes from the pile. The owners of these two shoes then sit facing each other in the chairs. On "go" they stare into each others eyes until one of them blinks. The object is to "out-stare" your opponent. The winner stays in the chair and another shoe is randomly selected from the pile to face the champion.

Whoever is in the chair after all of the "shoes" have gone is the winner and should be rewarded somehow.

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Nick van Ruth
on 30 September 2007
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Ah yes! I definitely like that variation Samara!

I think the random shoes is an interesting way to get random people picked.

Posted by Shorty 15 years ago

Nice simple game :D

I'm thinking i may have two people in the centre adn get the rest of the group to try and make them laugh- the first person to laugh is out, and you replace them with someone else..... keeps the whole group involved...

Posted by Samara 15 years ago
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