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How To Play Spud

Its best to play outdoors in an open area.

Give everyone a number (1-however many players there are). Have a leader throw a ball in the air and say one of the numbers that was given, that person has to retrieve the ball, while that person is getting the ball, everyone else runs in the other direction, once the person gets the ball and says "spud" no one can move (including the person who's number got called) then (whiteout moving) the person throws the ball at someone, if it hits them, they have a 'letter' (S) they can try and doge the ball by ducking or leaning, but they can't pickup their feet.

The ball can hit more than one person per round. Then the leader throws the ball in the air, calls out a different number and the whole thing start again. If you get hit again then you have SP, then SPU, then SPUD and you're out.

This is loads of fun when you have 10-20 people playing, but however many work.

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on 24 June 2011


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Thanks, this has really been helpful. I was asked to handle a youth group and I was thinking of what games they could play. Thank you

Posted by Light 4 years ago

Played this 55 years ago with neighbor kids. No adults. No supervision. Just the neighbor kids all out until dark and all hot and sweaty from actually playing outside in the summer heat.

Posted by dan 5 years ago

We used a yoga ball at our Youth Group, inside the hall. Game was over very quickly but was great fun!!

Posted by Courtney 11 years ago

After the ball has been thrown, how does it get
Back to the thrower?

Posted by Joni 11 years ago

We played a version of this called twister dodge. It's an official twister game that comes with a large dice with a different colour on each side and wrist bands to match those colours. The kids get the wrist bands and whichever colour lands up, that team runs to get the dice, calls freeze, and tries to hit the other players. The kids absolutely love it!

Posted by Josh 11 years ago

I remember playing this game when I was a little kid. I love spud, and I make my youth group play it with me every chance I can get.

Posted by Thommy 11 years ago
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