Sock Thief

An active icebreaker game for large groups

How To Play Sock Thief

Materials Needed

Some Spare Socks

Get everyone to take their shoes off. Give two spare socks to anyone not wearing any.

Everyone gets down on their hands and knees. When the leader says "Go!", everyone has to try and steal everyone else's socks, while protecting their own.

Once both your socks have been taken, you are disqualified, and you must sit out.

The last person with at least 1 sock on wins!

Alternatively, you can divide into groups, and the team with the most socks wins!


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on 24 September 2007


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and then every kid can not find their own sock and the parents just love you for it! total disaster I think

Posted by Taz 9 years ago

Really a broken

Posted by No way 12 years ago

Played this game with a bunch of 14 to 20 year olds... Ended up with a guy with a broken arm and a girl with a sprained ankle... NOT something to play when you have a wild group that's for sure.

Posted by Kris 12 years ago

I dont wanna sound like a joykill but in my youth group its 7-8grade and most the kids are public shooled so it sounds kinda gross. Sorry

Posted by Leah 12 years ago

We tried this...some of the kids were grossed out and didn't want to touch anyone else's feet. Won't play it again.

Posted by Geegee 13 years ago


Posted by cat 13 years ago

we made the kids stay on their hands and knees for the entire game. we have a very aggressive group of kids, evidently, because they rubbed the skin off their knees while crawling/dodging on the carpet. We'll play it again in the winter when they have jeans on! They loved it!!

Posted by monica 13 years ago

I like the team idea... I could see it comming to a stalemate otherwise... Consider working in the message of -> "How Beautiful are the feet of those who bring Good News!" - Isaiah 52:7

Posted by Shawn 14 years ago

This is our all time favorite from this website! We've played it several times and they always love it. I take a bag of old mismatched socks and they all put them on. But I have to wash them immediately when we get home! Phew!!! (Start the kids on their knees so no one gets hurt.)

Posted by Lois Howell, Honduras 14 years ago

Make sure you play it on carpet or a soft surface!

Posted by Mike 15 years ago

Our group loved this one too! We've played it several times.

Posted by Lois from Honduras 15 years ago
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