Sneaky Rope Battle

An active, team-building, icebreaker, duel game

How To Play Sneaky Rope Battle

Materials Needed

A length of thick rope about 5-6 metres long, two rocks or bricks

This is a two player battle game, perfect for a one-on-one duel or up the front challenge.

Place the two bricks (or rocks) 2-3 metres apart. The two players must each stand on top of one of these and balance. To set up the game each player must pick up one end of the rope (ensure it's divided evenly). The aim of the game is to either pull the entire length of rope to yourself so the other player let's go, or cause the other player to fall off their brick.

To start the game (get someone to say "go!") the players can then begin to pull... or not. There is great skill in working out whether to pull quickly or slowly and whether to hold tightly or loosely. If you hold too loosely, the other player may gain all the rope. If you hold too tightly, the other player may pull you off balance.

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on 22 May 2020

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