Sneaky Phrase Game

A relaxed icebreaker game

How To Play Sneaky Phrase Game

Materials Needed

paper, pens

This ice breaker game is a good group game to play with a small group - maybe at a dinner party, or a small group night, or with a small youth group. If the mood is right, it will definitely provide a whole heap of laughs.

Get everyone in the group to write down 2 "catch phrases" on 2 slips of paper. The phrases can be funny, strange or random. Each person then passes on a slip of paper to the person on their left and right.

Throughout the rest of the event as conversation continues on as normal, the idea of this group icebreaker game is that each person has to sneak their phrase into conversation without anyone else noticing.

If the phrases are random and funny, this is often very hard to do and can be hilarious when someone gets busted!

There isn't really a points system to this game, or a winner, or anything like that. It is just a good way add a bit of interest to a group event or to use a game as an ice breaker.

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on 23 July 2010


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seriously shorty.... you a legend... you're games are grouse mate..... cheers ( some of samaras are pretty cool too).

Posted by bunzy 13 years ago

Gosh this game sounds fun!! Awesome!! Yay!! =)

Posted by Sean 13 years ago
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