Simple Word Games

A team-building, relaxed, icebreaker, duel game

How To Play Simple Word Games

Materials Needed

A whiteboard or a projector and computer would be good.

There are many simple word games you can find at the website listed. Some of them can be played as a whole group. Others are suited to teams but you'll get a feel for what works best.

The games focus around manipulating a random set of words or using them as a stimulus to achieve some goal. The site also includes a random word generator you can use to generate the words or you can make up your own (potentially targeted to a relevant subject).

The idea is that the games encourage and foster creative thinking, are simple and fun. With a bit of thought you can also use these games as a useful introduction to many different topics.

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on 12 November 2010
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play this game.
Recomendation for all :

Posted by running game 2 years ago

The website can be found if you click on the link "View Source" at the bottom of the description.

Posted by Ryan 9 years ago

what is the website with the word games?

Posted by ben 9 years ago
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