Silent Ball

A relaxed sports non-contact game

How To Play Silent Ball

Materials Needed

tennis ball

Get everyone to stand around the room in random places. Then it's as simple as telling everyone to be quiet!

Basically, the game involves the players throwing the ball to each other. A player is eliminated by any of the following rules:

- Drop the ball when trying to catch it
- Do a bad throw
- Talking or making a sound (thus, silent ball)

You can add in your own rules as the game goes on, maybe everyone has to stand on one leg, or throw with their left hand, or catch the ball with their mouth (challenging... but not impossible.) Be creative!



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on 26 November 2007


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Hi, what were those 15 rules???

Posted by danielle 11 years ago

When I was in High School one of my teachers played this in class. We had probably ten or fifteen rules. It is one of my favorite memories of High School.

Posted by Tylor 14 years ago
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