Shuffle Bums

An active icebreaker circle game for large groups

Also known as: Bun Shuffle, Bum Shuffle

How To Play Shuffle Bums

Materials Needed


You get all the chairs in a circle and have the people playing sit on them. Make sure there is one empty chair. Then pick someone to stand in the middle of the circle. The aim for him/her is to take a seat. The aim for the people sitting is to not let the player in the middle take a seat from them. To stop them from sitting down the players that are sitting down shuffle from chair to chair. Players can change the direction at any time.

Added by
Dom Adlam
on 11 May 2011


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Don't get it.

Posted by craig 3 years ago

How does a new person get in the middle? What happens if the person successfully sits down? Then what?

Posted by john g 4 years ago

I don't get it

Posted by Jase 11 years ago


Posted by 11 years ago

If you post a game, please make sure to take the time to explain it well. It does no one any good if you don't elaborate.

Posted by Kevin 12 years ago

Favorite at my Youth, one of the first games I played when I started! awesome game!

Posted by Alec 12 years ago

i like it

Posted by 12 years ago
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