Sharky shark

An active, icebreaker, camp game for junior youth

How To Play Sharky shark

Materials Needed

open area

Set the boundaries of the game, a straight channel as long as you decide and as wide as appropriate, whoever is running the game will begin by being the ‘shark’ everyone else will line up on one side and the shark will shout “fishy fishy fishy, come swim in my sea” and the other player lined up or the ‘fish’ will shout in reply “sharky sharky sharky, you cant catch me” and begin to run to the other side, if one of the fish are caught i.e tagged they become ‘funky seaweed’ where their feet are stuck to the ground but they can wave their arms around and reach as far as they like without moving their feet whilst signing “funky funky seaweed”, the chanting is repeated and anyone caught for the first time is seaweed but if the seaweed catches anyone they become a crab and can crab walk side to side but not forwards and backwards. If the crab catches anyone they become a shark, the game continues until the last person is caught, they last to be caught is the winner.

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on 16 November 2018

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