Scatter Ball

An active sports game for large groups

How To Play Scatter Ball

Materials Needed

- Multiple Dodgeballs

1. Everyone starts on the edges of the playing area.

2. To start the game all the dodgeballs are thrown up in the middle. Players can then run to get a ball.

3. Once a player has a ball they cannot move with it but must throw it.
- If you move with it you are out.
- If you are hit from the head down and don't catch it you are out.
- If you catch the ball the thrower is out.
- Fumbles are out.
- If you throw a headshot you are out.

4. Once you are out you sit down, however, you can still be involved in the game. You can still throw the ball at players that are still in. However, you must remain seated and cannot move.

5. Last player standing wins.

Added by
Isaac Titterton
on 2 May 2023

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