Sack Racing

An active camp game for small groups and large groups

How To Play Sack Racing

Materials Needed

Burlap sacks or pillow cases

Use markers to designate a start line and a half-way point.

Each racer will be provided with a sack or pillow case to race in. They must put both feet into the sack and hold it up. When the race begins, each player must jump in their sack as fast as they can to reach the half-way marker, jump around it and then jump all the way back. The first player back to the start is the winner.

Of course, this race works perfectly as a team relay. It can become quite chaotic with players going both ways and trying to jump around the half-way mark and avoid bumping into each other.

Turn this race into an Easter themed race by calling it a "bunny hop sack race". You could even provide bunny ears to the racers.

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on 17 March 2021

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