Reverse Dodgeball

An active sports game

How To Play Reverse Dodgeball

Materials Needed

- balls
- even teams

1. Break up into even teams
2. Pick a captain for each team who will begin on the dodgeball court
3. The rules are just like dodgeball except when you get hit, the other team GAINS a player rather than your team losing one.
4. Once one team gets all their players in, you can finish the game in two ways.
a) Finish the game there
b) Play regular dodgeball from there

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on 12 December 2015


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Why wouldn't team captains just throw away from the other captain and win?...

Posted by John 4 years ago

Ey this is a good idea, thanks!

Posted by gamerph 4 years ago

Cmon guys the rules are simple.
Start with a captain for both teams. When one of them gets hit, the other team gains a player, now 2v1.
If that same captain gets hit again, now 3v1.
If that lonely captain can find some confidence and hit the other team, it is not 3v2.

If it doesn't make sense, maybe just play normal dodgeball.

Posted by PC PRINCIPAL 5 years ago

Do you mean that the captains of the two teams start first in the circle. And if one captain gets hit, then the opposing team can send in another player from their team or the player from the hit captain will enter?

Posted by Jessica 6 years ago

how does the other team gain a player i am lost

Posted by george 6 years ago
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