Raining Balloons

An active, team-building, icebreaker, wide game

How To Play Raining Balloons

Materials Needed

Up to 50 - 60 balloons, timer

1. Blow up all the balloons bought and evenly distribute them into 2 different large garage bags (do this beforehand)
2. Divide participants into two groups
3. From a high place release one of the garbage bags of balloons
4. With whichever team is first they must try and keep all the balloons in the air for as long 6 minutes
5. Then after the 6 minute is up count how many balloons the team was able keep up
6. Then with the opposing team, the same thing.

If you do not have a place of higher ground then you can just simply one by one add the balloons or whatever or however many you want within their 6 minutes

You can lengthen the time to most suitable to you or even have more than one round

Obviously the team who was able to keep most of the balloons win

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Tia M
on 20 June 2016

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