Printable Mazes

A relaxed game for junior youth

How To Play Printable Mazes

Materials Needed

Paper, Computer, Printer

OK, a bit boring I know, but I have used the mazes found at KrazyDad's site ( a few times.

There is a good selection of mazes there, some that are really difficult. Can keep the kids busy for quite a while :)

I will sometimes print out a few mazes and do a team race to see who can finish faster.

Another rule can be that they are disqualified if they touch the maze wall with their pen. Add a level of difficult to that by making them do the maze with the pen in their mouth.

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Andrew Rogers
on 25 July 2010
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This is a good ESL activity. You need to use a very simple maze. Put the students in pairs. One of the students is blindfolded or has her eyes closed. The other student has to direct the first student through the maze by giving instructions in English. Preteach the words up, down, left, right, stop, go, slow etc.

Posted by Andrew 8 years ago

good!!!!!!! and helpful!

Posted by kadian 12 years ago

Love these mazes!

Posted by Ivan 12 years ago

This is an awesome website and had some cool mazes!!

I like the rule for not touching the sides too.

Posted by Martin 13 years ago
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