Priest of the Parish

A team-building drama game for large groups

How To Play Priest of the Parish

Materials Needed

Lines of chairs with an even number of chairs in each row

Break the group into any number of even teams. Then make each team sit in one row of chairs. Name the team based on the row that they are in e.i. the team at the front is row 1.

Someone not involved with the game calls out "The priest of the parish has lost his hat, some say this and some say that. I say it was row number..." The row that was called must then stand in unison and say "Not I, Sir!" and sit back down. The caller responds "then who, Sir?". The row stands in unison again saying "I think it was row number ...". Then the row that was accused stands up and the pattern is repeated until a group fails to stand or speak in unison. The row that looses must then move to the back and everyone behind them moves forwards.

Additional rules can be added to the game if wanted e.g. you cannot accuse a row next to your row or you cannot accuse the same row twice or even they must mimic the voice of the caller.


Team work


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