Preacher Pratt

An active game for large groups

How To Play Preacher Pratt

Materials Needed

Enough chairs for everyone playing the game except for the leader

Students will sit in a half circle and try to work their way to the beginning seat by responding quickly and accurately through a progression of questions and answers that will cause other students to move to the end of the line. The student in the first seat at the end of the time limit is the winner.

1. Make sure that there are enough chairs for participating students only.

2. Give each student a different number. IMPORTANT: that number never changes!

3. The Leader will start the progression and go back and forth with the students.

- Leader: ?Preacher Pratt lost his hat and doesn?t know where to find it. Some said east, some said west, and some said number (your choice), go to the end of the line.?
- Student whose number you just called must jump or scream to get your attention before you finish saying ?Go to the end of the line.?
- Leader replies, ?You sir??
- Student, ?No sir, not me sir??
- Leader, ?Then who sir??
- Student ?Number (their choice).?
- Leader, ?Number (student?s choice), go to the end of the line.?
- The next student whose number was just called must jump or scream like before, and the progression continues until someone is stumped, then it starts over.

4. The first person to jump, scream, or get stumped by the progression must go to the end of the line and those behind him will move forward.

5. As students begin to get the hang of the game, add in that if they call out the number of the student who just called them, then they must go to the end of the line. Also, if they call the number of the person at the end of the line, then they will switch with them.

6. As the game progresses, begin to speak faster and faster.

This game is intensely hilarious and fast-paced. I recommend another leader to act as a judge, as it may be hard to tell sometimes if students have responded quickly enough.


Added by
Justin Lucas
on 11 October 2011


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sounds like fun

Posted by 10 years ago

NOT BAD but please specify the age of students who should participate in thus game.

Posted by 10 years ago

i think you two are so picky

Posted by fred 10 years ago

I don't think the hat is the point of the game. It's the repetition and trying to stump other people. If it is that big of a deal, you could always make something up to add to it. Like, that the person in the winning chair found the hat and so they win. Or, the students are blaming each other for the hat being stolen and when someone is stumped then they have been busted...either way, we tried it and the kids LOVED it.

Posted by 10 years ago

i don't understand how preacher pratt and his lost hat has anything to do with people going to the end of a line? i think it would be a great game, but i also think that our youth would say that it doesn't make any sense..

Posted by 10 years ago

sounds cool

Posted by bunnzy 10 years ago
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