Pregnant Penguin

An active icebreaker game

How To Play Pregnant Penguin

Materials Needed

Enough chairs for everyone playing

1. Everyone sits on a chair distrbuted randomly around the room.
2. A penguin is picked randomly.
3. The penguin stands in a corner of the room.
4. The penguin atempts to run (waddle) for their chair.
5. Everyone else has to try and stop the penguin from reaching the empty chair by moving seats.
6. This continues for a certain time limit, approx. 2 minutes.
7. Keep a score of the team and the penguin.
8. Change the penguin each time.

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on 25 June 2012


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I am a little confused. Do the kids keep moving from their seats as the penguin waddles to their own? Sort of like random chaos?
When does the game end? When the penguin succeeds at sitting down on their chair or after amount of time?
How do you tell the kids to move again?

Posted by Steve 11 years ago

We did this game last night and it was great... We has the penguin walk with straight legs and no one could touch the penguin... It was a blast!

Posted by Pastor Arielle 11 years ago
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