Porridge Pants

A food game

How To Play Porridge Pants

Materials Needed

porridge or oatmeal, overalls or large pants

This game can either be played as an up-front game or as an all-play game. Either bring 4 people up front or break your group up into even teams of 4-6. Each team nominates one volunteer. Each volunteer puts on a very large pair of overalls or pants (way too big for them). Duct tape the bottom of the pant legs to their ankles.

The remaining group members are given a quiz. For each correct answer, nothing happens. Each incorrect answer results in the volunteers getting a bowl full of cold porridge (or oatmeal) poured down their pants.

When all the quiz questions are finished or all the porridge is poured, have the volunteers run around an obstacle course with their squelching porridge filled pants on. You may like to include things like star jumps to make it even more fun. Memories.

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on 25 January 2008
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Add a belt or something when wearing the pants to make it higher stakes

Posted by Robbie 9 years ago

We played this at a park with one of those fitness circuits so the pants-wearer had to do 10 reps on each of the exercise stations. Funniest thing watching them on the stepper!

Posted by hwy.vaughan 13 years ago

See Gum boot goop for a variation of this game...pretty much the same, but with gum boots.

Posted by Samara 15 years ago
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