Personalities in Names

A relaxed icebreaker camp game

How To Play Personalities in Names

Materials Needed

Paper and writing utensils (depends on the number of youths) and a tissue box.

1. Each person will get a piece of paper and a pencil/pen.

2. Write down your name vertically down the paper.

3. With every alphabet written down, write a keyword to represent each alphabet that is related to yourself.

4. Once done, fold your paper and drop it into the tissue box (held by the Game Leader)

5. When everyone's "PIN code" is dropped into the tissue box, the Game Leader will have to randomly pick a piece of paper from the box.

6. The Game Leader will read keywords out and the person pointed out will have to give a self-introduction to the others and explain what does the keywords written have relation with themselves.

7. Continue until every piece of paper is drawn.



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on 4 November 2013

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