Pencil Tippers

A team-building, relaxed game for junior youth and small groups

How To Play Pencil Tippers

Materials Needed

1 Pencil or Pen for every player,

A large enough space to walk around in

Give 1 pencil/pen to every player

Next, have them stand in your play area with enough room for them to swing their arms (around 1 meter min)

Then, have each place balance the pencil on the back of their finger. If your group is very young and this is too hard for them, they can balance it on the back of their hand instead.

The rules are simple!
Knock off everyone else’s pencil, without dropping your own.

The moment your pencil drops, you’re out! And must move to the side
Who ever is the last one standing wins, and earns the glorious title of pencil balancing champion.

It is a really simple format, and my kids have always loved it, plus you can add any variation you please.
E.g make it a team game, and see how they strategise,
Give them multiple pencils, one for each hand,
Use spaghetti sticks instead, the possibilities are endless

(If any of your players are especially tall, you may want to handicap them by getting them to jump on one foot/forcing them to use their pinkies)

Added by
Matt Toland
on 21 July 2023

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