Pea Pipes

An active team-building food game for large groups

How To Play Pea Pipes

Materials Needed

Straws, Peas or beans, bowl

Simple relay structure for this game. 4 teams line up at one end. Place a bowl of peas (or whatever you are using) at the other end.

The first player from each team has to run to the other end and pick up a pea by sucking it on the end of the straw. Then they must carry it back to their team. If the pea falls off while they are returning, they must pick it up again (with the straw) and continue back.

To win, a team must get all of it's players to bring back 1 pea each.

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on 24 September 2007


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This is a great game - but I swapped the peas for tissue paper (because I forgot the peas but shhhh) and put people into pairs. So each pair had to carry the tissue together. This makes it much more fun as it's much harder for 2 people to carry one tissue at the same time. My group really enjoyed it!

Posted by Joseph 6 years ago

Joel: when running with the item, don't the kids get out of breath sucking on the straw for so long?

Posted by Ali 8 years ago

Use cotton balls; they don't go anywhere when they are dropped and can be picked up and the relay continued.

Posted by 13 years ago

Great with cottonballs! Easier and if you drop them on the floor,they don't go all over. The kids just bend down and use his/her straw to pick it up again. Have two containers to put the cottonballs-one that is easy to drop them into, the other that gives a challenge. Make the challenging one count double.

Posted by Suzanne 13 years ago

Also good when you use maltesers, m&m's or some other lolly and the kids get to eat them at the end!

Posted by Bec 15 years ago

We played this game and it was a riot! I used dried peas, like for pea soup. Several swallowed them by accident, but since they are food, it was ok. I changed it a little by letting them run as many times as they could within 10 minutes. Then counted the peas, and the team with the most peas, won.

The only trouble is if you have a wise-guy who wants to scoop up extra peas with his hands. And it was a little messy to count all the peas, but that was ok.

I recommend this one highly!

Posted by Lois from Honduras 15 years ago
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