Pantyhose Pull

An active, icebreaker, duel game for large groups

How To Play Pantyhose Pull

Materials Needed

pantyhose tape

2 players put an end of a pair of panty hose over each others head and hold it over there face. Put a piece of tape at opposite ends of the room 10 metres apart.

When ready leader says go and they run in opposite directions. The winner is the first person to give up or to make it to the line.

Added by
HEAT Shilky
on 13 November 2008


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I did this game and the panty hose just ripped :/

Posted by Devin 8 years ago

i think this is more of a punishment when they dont clean their rooms. haha but made me laugh my head off. good creativity

Posted by 11 years ago

We play a game similar to this but we put a tennis ball in the end of the hose and make them swing it around their head until the connect. Then make them pull in the opposite direction.

Posted by Josh 11 years ago

sounds like a laugh for people watching! do you think it would be dangerous??!

Posted by J&H 12 years ago

I feel like an idot! I must not have undersood the game but I almost strangled two of my students!!!

Posted by Mandy 12 years ago

This is excellent

Posted by 12 years ago

We played this at a youth event. I told the students ahead of time that this would be the dumbest game ever (so there were no high expectations). They LOVED it! Cameras were flashing and everyone had their phones out taking video. It seems stupid but it is funny.

Posted by rick 13 years ago

i'm not sure i understand how this game works

Posted by jakes 13 years ago

i havent played yet but it sounds like a lot of laughs for those watching. humbling for those playing

Posted by joanne 14 years ago

really dumb, no one will want to play this

Posted by john 14 years ago
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