A music artistic game for junior youth and small groups

How To Play P-S-Rock

Materials Needed

Musical instruments, toys and other soundmaking equipement (optionally).

Divide the group in two and from each group choose two players who will directly compete.
These players stay back to back and have the opposing team in front of them.
Neutral judge is between players to time the rounds and count points.

The game is played as blind rock-paper-scissors*. When judge gives signal to start the round, players show their sign and each time they should figure out the result of the round from sounds provided by their respective teams who is to telegraph the opponent's sign. Suggest beforehand to teams sound qualities that will be helpful:
"paper" - music: surrounding, ambient, soft, calm
"scissors" - music: sharp, active, dramatic, painful
"rock" - solid, to the ground, groovy, steady (this is usually the most difficult for non-musicians).

If there is enough objects, don't let use voices, otherwise using words is prohibited.

The game is played to 3 points, but 5 extra points are given to the player that knows the game actually ended - this is signalled by leaving the set position. If players didn't turn their back at the right moment, the bonus is given to one that catches up first. Only when players stop playing on the same round their score is decided by the result of rock-paper-scissors playing.

In rare circumstances draw is possible, e.g. when both players miss the proper end, then even out the score and turn to finish. Please do not tie-break it.

* In the music group context, you might not reveal this fact right away, but focus your description on moods, conducting system, free improvisation etc. comedic effect of the realisation will hopefully occur. ;)


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