Orky? Snorky!

An active icebreaker game for small groups and large groups

How To Play Orky? Snorky!

Materials Needed


A group of players sit in circle. One person is placed standing in the middle of the circle and blindfolded. That person is then turned around a few times so as to be unfamiliar with the sitting positions. The blindfolded person must now search out a pair of knees to sit on. After sitting down the blindfolded person shouts out; ORKY? The seated person must now respond by only saying SNORKY! The key here is to disguise your voice so it can not be reconizied. (ie a low growl or a high squeak or soft whisper...ect. Orky must now try guess the identity of Snorky. If the guess is incorrect Snorky then pushes Orky up into the middle of the circle so as to find a new Snorky. When Orky does correctly guess they trade places and the person who was sitting becomes the new Orky.

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Instead of lap-sitting (something you shouldn't do) we setup a circle of chairs with people in them facing outwards. The Orky stood in the middle and wore a blindfold and then tapped the back of the chair to choose someone to say Orky to. Youth then swapped chairs after the next person Orky was blindfolded.

Posted by Andrew 1 year ago

I think we may do this at our next youth group, but instead of lap sitting the blindfolded person sits in a chair and a random person goes behind the chair and they go through the whole orky/snorky deal.

Posted by Julie 7 years ago

Our youth group loved this with a few modifications. There was no lap-sitting. Instead it was a blind-folded hide and seek. We gave the hiders 3 seconds to shuffle around the room and freeze. All the blindfolded seeker had to do was touch them and the orky/snorky portion began. We also let them pick their own call/response words. They choose "Caa-Caw!" and "I am Batman!" instead of Orky/Snory.

Posted by Alissa 10 years ago

this sounds really awesome i am an 18 year old and will try this with my group of kids if they like it i will let you guys know

Posted by STEVEN 10 years ago

This sounds like a stranger danger discussion starter

Posted by 10 years ago

Our youth group really got into it too! To avoid awkwardness we had two different circles - one for guys, one for girls.

Posted by Jeremy 10 years ago

The youth loved this game! We used a cushion to make the lap sitting a bit less awkward :)

Posted by Alice 10 years ago

Parents did not like the lap sitting.

Posted by John 10 years ago
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