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How To Play Octopus

It's essentially tip, but when you get tipped you sit down where you were tipped. Once you've been tipped your arms and legs can be used to tip other people, except you bottom must remain on the floor.

The last person to be tipped wins!

We have played it so that if you are the first to be tipped then you become the tipper for the next game. Or it also works with the last person to be tipped, or who ever.

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on 20 July 2013


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It's British Bulldog. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Bulldog_(game)

Posted by Michael Baker 5 years ago

I used to play this game in grade school!
One player is "it"
The other players have to run from one line to another (across the room or field) at the same time. The person who is "it" tries to catch the other players. If you get touched you sit down where you are and become "Seaweed" for the remainder of the game. As seaweed you must try and touch the other players as they run by you to get them out making them seaweed as well. Last person to be caught by either seaweed or the octopus wins!!

Posted by Sierra 10 years ago

How do you play the game tip?

Posted by 10 years ago

..is that supposed to be 'tap'?

Posted by 10 years ago

I still don't get the idea/ concept of this game.
Who starts the tipping? And what's the point of this game - to tip people over with your hands and feet?

Posted by Kat 10 years ago
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