Octopus Tag

An active game for junior youth and large groups

How To Play Octopus Tag

Octopus Tag can be played indoors or outdoors with any sized group and any aged kids. It's a very flexible game!

1. Mark out your playing area. This can simply by a gym court or courtyard, or markers on playing field.

2. Choose one player to be the "octopus". The must stand in the middle of the playing field and are able to run and tag freely.

3. All the other players must line up on one side of the playing field. They are the "fish".

4. The Octopus then calls out for the fish to "swim across the ocean". All the fish players would then need to run to get to the other side, while trying to avoid being tagged by the Octopus. If they are tagged, they are "out" and then must stand still where they get tagged.

5. The tagged players are now "crabs" and cannot move by are allowed to tag players with their outstretched arms as they run past.

6. The Octopus calls over the fish again and can use the crabs to help them catch all of the fish. Once all of the fish have been caught, the round is over and the game can begin again with a new octopus.

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on 7 June 2020

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