An active team-building sports game for junior youth

How To Play NetTag

Materials Needed

A basketball, netball, some form of ball thats not too hard.
bibs are optional to seperate the teams it sometimes gets a little confusing.

Create two teams out of your youth group. We usually separate with girls vs boys but that's not necessary its just easier to tell the teams apart.

Like the games name this is a combination of net ball and tag. One team starts with the ball and have to chase the other. A person with the ball cannot move and can only pivot on the spot. The aim of the game is to get everyone on the other team out which you do by tagging them with the ball.

If the ball if dropped by your team, its the other teams ball. You can intercept the ball at anytime, at your own risk but if you drop the ball in the process it remains the other teams ball.

We generally play this game in our rather beat up hall but if you don't want your hall destroyed i recommend playing it outside.

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on 18 May 2010

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This sounds alright. This is like "ball tag" and "10 Passes" combined.

Posted by tealax 13 years ago
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