Mr Whippy

An active team-building food game

How To Play Mr Whippy

Materials Needed

ice-cream, cones, any toppings used for ice-cream (sprinkles, chocolate topping)

Divide everyone into teams. Select one player from each team to lay down with a cone in their mouth.

Allocate each team portions of ingredients. Similar to a relay, using just a spoon, the teams must get all the ingredients into the cone. Once all ingredients are in the cone, the person holding the cone must eat it all using no hands.

You can either put a tarp down and if the cone falls on the ground, they have to eat it OR you can have someone else feed it to them....

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on 28 June 2008


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A great game

Posted by Lori Poston 7 years ago

this game ws soo much fun , we played it at my birthday party it was so much fun :)

Posted by elishia 11 years ago

We played this and our youth LOVED it! They wanted to do a second round!! After that though we called it quits 'cause it gets VERY messy!!
Will definitely play this again!!

Posted by Donna 13 years ago

sonds like fun

Posted by tara 15 years ago
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