Minigolf Mayhem

An active mini-olympics duel sports game

How To Play Minigolf Mayhem

Materials Needed

putter, golf balls, paper-plates / cups, obstacles

I bought a putter at my church fete for $2 a fair few years ago and since then I've occasionally had a hit around my house. Just grab a golf ball, put a cup somewhere and then play mini-golf - it's that simple. Houses and usually already filled with obstacles (couches, tables, shoes etc) so if you want to play this at youth group just chuck some stuff around to make the holes difficult.

The paper plate idea can be used instead of a cup on it's side. Cut a circle hole in the middle of paper plate, then lay it down and that can be the golf hole.

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on 28 February 2008


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We had recently just carpeted large sections of our church and had lots of leftover scraps, we also have a room with lumber scraps and other wood tools and things in our basement, (we're a working church) and we took what we had and built a miniature golf course. first we mapped out on a legal pad the layout of the course, then masking taped off each hole. then cut carpet and laid 2x4's down as bumpers. we found that a cup sideways was much easier than a paper plate. the kids throughly enjoyed it and I enjoyed playing it before the youth got there with my pastor's kids!

Posted by Spencer 9 years ago

it is a good game i played it and it worked my sisters kids loved it to

Posted by no name 13 years ago
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