Mega Ice-cream Sundae

A relaxed food game

How To Play Mega Ice-cream Sundae

Materials Needed

Lots of ice-cream, an assortment of yummy sauces and lollies, lots of aluminium foil, spoons for each child, cup or bowl for each child.

This is a favourite food game at our youth group.

Cover a table with plenty of aluminium foil, empty out many litres of ice-cream onto the table, give the kids the sauces and lollies, and tell them to go for it!

They can tip out all the sauces and lollies over the ice-cream, mix it all up, and serve themselves some sundae in their cups or bowls (just to avoid mixing germs). Make sure you have a large spoon designated for serving so they don't use their own when coming back for seconds!

When finished, hopefully you can just roll up the foil and put the mess in the bin- although you may need to wipe up a bit.

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on 9 May 2008


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We have 2 sections of new rain gutters that we line with foil to make a really long sundae or banana split. We have been doing this every fall for years.

Posted by Nels 11 years ago

We tried this, but I spread the toppings and jelly onto the foil also and they used their hands to serve into a cup and then eat it from the cup.(after washing and once only). They loved it. 2L icecream worked well for 15 girls.

Posted by Bilby 13 years ago
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