Make It Out Of A Chair

A team-building icebreaker artistic game for large groups

How To Play Make It Out Of A Chair

Materials Needed

Chairs, fabric items (bedsheets, towels, washcloths, pillowcases, etc.), paper, markers, scissors, tape

First, you split up into groups of 3-5. You should have at least three teams to play.

Each team gets a chair and the caller chooses any random tangible-object noun. Each team is given 5 minutes to create that thing/person from the chair and the items given to them. As a bonus, each team gets one random object. It needs to be something that could be wrapped/tied/stuck to the chair, and be able to get un-stuck. (Toilet paper, multi-colored duct tape, yarn, ribbons, a bag of safety pins with cotton balls, magnets, etc.)

As more rounds are played, the game gets sillier and crazier every time--due to the fact that the paper has already been drawn and cut out and used, as well as things that have been pinned together, and other objects that might look "used up". It's a blast, and everyone brainstorms and then builds a wacky-looking creation out of a chair! The prep work is definitely worth it.


using your gifts, creativity, purpose, team building

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on 15 December 2012


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Idk I don't have enough people to do this challenge

Posted by Olivia 4 years ago

What kind of examples please ?

Posted by slim 6 years ago

How do you start it out though? Do you give them a couple things or what?

Posted by Brownie 7 years ago

This went pretty good with a group of 150 .

Posted by 11 years ago
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