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How To Play Ketchup

Pick two teams, each team with 2 people. One person lays on the floor and the other person holds the ketchup bottle at SHOULDER LENGTH and must fill one cup with ketchup. After the 1st cup is filled, players must switch and the player squirting the ketchup must lay on the floor and vice-versa. Really fun. But one thing we do is have trash bags handy and put a hole in the bottom. Kids can put them over their heads as vests to keep ketchup off their clothes. Have Fun!

Materials Needed

2 bottles of ketchup, 4 small cups (like the ones used for ketchup at fast food places).

Added by
Kooky Chris
on 16 March 2009


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Played this game with my primary school kids at our kids club. Combined it with some other games in a race and it went off like a rocket. Will be using it this weekend with our youth group. BTW, we use communion cups to make the target as small as possible with no plastic bags as protection.

Posted by Gerhard on 23 Mar 2010 at 3:31:56

just a friendly note - you probably should mention that the cups go in the mouth of the person on the floor (if this is the game I'm familiar with).

the way i've seen it played is as a 'Human Sundae' where you start by trying to get ice cream in the cup, them follow with all sorts of toppings - choc/strawberry/caramel sauce, sprinkles, those little marshmallows (no nuts in case of allergies though).

Posted by Libby on 19 Mar 2009 at 10:57:07
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